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The official
Wolfi collection
is Here!

The Wolfi Land collection is available at Joepegs!

The Wolfi Land collection is already live on Joepegs. Get your Wolfi now and enjoy owning a cool profile pic collectible with some extra benefits!

The Story Behind Wolfi

HermanaRobot designed Wolfi in 2021 with the expectation of creating a cartoon similar to Apu, the frog. She used as a reference β€œLandwolf,” another character from the popular comic β€œBoy’s club,” but with a couple of modifications to make it unique.

The Wolfi Collection

This fun and exclusive NFT collection consists of 1,000 cool profile pic collectible pieces for Avalanche fans! The mint price for each was 1.20 AVAX.

The Benefits

  • WolfiGang membership
  • Digital artbook (Delivered)
  • Benefits for our 2nd main collection

WolfiGang Benefits

Save 25%

    By only holding the


    • Own a valuable collectible piece
    • Support for 3rd party project integrations
    • Digital art book (Delivered)

    By Joining Holder’s


    • Digital artbook (Delivered)
    • Support for 3rd party project integrations
    • Own a valuable collectible piece
    • WL giveaway spots
    • Commemorative NFT emblems for OGs (Delivered)
    • Voting system for holders
    • Cooperation for brand expansion
    • Benefits for future Wolfi collections
    • Be a producer for the WolfiLand web-meme series

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I buy a Wolfi?

    To buy a Wolfi, go to Joepegs marketplace and access the WolfiLand page!

    What was the mint price?

    The mint price was 1.20 AVAX

    What’s the WolfiGang?

    It’s a club that you can join by owning a Wolfi and verifying ownership at our Discord server.

    When are the Merch store and digital artbook coming?

    The digital artbook is expected to be deployed and finished in Q4 2022, and the Merch Store in Q1 2023!